Experience the future of payments with Moneta's innovative solutions.

Online & offline Payments

Online or Offline, Payments Made Simple!

Whether you're connected or off the grid, managing payments has never been easier, you can handle transactions seamlessly, whether your customers are online or offline.

Online payments:

Our platform makes online payments easy. Simply set up your MONETA account, and you're ready to accept payments from customers worldwide. From cards to bank transfers to digital wallets? we've got you covered.

USSD payment:

No internet? No problem! Customers can make payments easily, even without an internet connection. Simply dial the USSD code provided, follow the prompts, and voila – transaction complete!

Experience the convenience of online and offline payments, all in one place. Let's simplify the payment process and ensure your customers have a smooth experience, no matter how they choose to pay.


Payment Link

Unlocking Convenience with Payment Links

How it Works
Key Benefits
Share Payment Links

Enable seamless transactions by effortlessly generating and sharing payment links with customers, enhancing sales and customer satisfaction with Moneta's intuitive platform.


Facilitate worldwide sales without physical interaction, ensuring unparalleled convenience and accessibility with Moneta's innovative platform.

Tap & Pay

Simplify payment methods for customers by allowing them to effortlessly select their preferred payment option upon tapping the provided link with Moneta's user-friendly interface.

Secure Transactions

Guarantee the safety of transactions through robust encryption, providing peace of mind and confidence in every transaction with Moneta's advanced security measures.

Instant Checkout

Expedite transactions by prompting customers to securely enter their details on a protected payment page, ensuring swift and hassle-free completion of purchases with Moneta's seamless process.

Adaptive Solutions

Tailor your payment solutions to diverse business models and customer preferences, enjoying unparalleled flexibility and customization with Moneta's versatile platform.

Transparency Assurance

Both merchants and customers receive instant confirmation post-transaction, fostering transparency and accountability throughout the entire payment process with Moneta's streamlined system.

Track & Report

Gain insight and oversight with Moneta's comprehensive transaction tracking and reporting capabilities, empowering merchants to monitor and analyze transactions with ease for enhanced business management.

Scan & Pay with QR Code

Get Paid Fast with QR Code

Show off your unique MONETA QR code for contactless payments. MONETA! Get paid your way. Here's how:

1. Quick Scan

Easily initiate checkout by scanning the QR code with your phone, seamlessly accessing a secure link for efficient transactions with Moneta's convenient process.

2. Effortless Payment

Simply input the owed amount and enter your card details directly from your phone to complete the payment swiftly, receiving a confirmation screen instantly with Moneta's seamless process.

3. Instant Confirmation

Receive prompt payment confirmation on your phone or conveniently check your transaction history within the MONETA App to verify transactions effortlessly with Moneta's efficient system.

Tap & Pay
Level up your hustle with Moneta Tap to Pay!

Ready to kickstart your hustle? Tap to Pay lets you take contactless card right after you sign up with MONETA app. Just grab the MONETA app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, and you're good to go – no extra gadgets required!

Ready to Revolutionize Payments?

Unlock the potential of your hustle with Tap to Pay, enabling seamless contactless card and digital wallet transactions right from your smartphone. Simply download the MONETA app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, and you're all set – no additional gadgets required!

  • Experience the ease of accepting payments on-the-go, empowering your business with convenience and flexibility.

  • Take control of your transactions with Moneta's intuitive platform, ensuring secure and efficient payments every time.

Card Reader

Empower Your Small Business with Customizable Payment Solutions

We believe you should call the shots when it comes to accepting payments for your business. That's why our card readers are designed with three key qualities in mind.


MONETA app, card reader: craft catalogs, track transactions.


Versatile Card Readers: Seamless Integration for Business Flexibilityr


Our card readers go wherever your business takes you.


Easy setup, process with MONETA Account active.


Get Ready to Swipe, Tap, or Key In!



No time for complicated stuff when you've got a business to hustle! With MONETA, creating invoices and quotes is as easy as sending a text. Get paid in seconds and keep track of all your sales using just one epic tool. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to easy-peasy invoicing with MONETA!

Simplify your business operations
  • Intelligent invoicing: Forget about Excel sheets and number punching with a calculator. Our system automatically calculates totals and flags any missing or incorrect details for you.

  • Get paid on your terms: Make payment a breeze for your customers, ensuring you get your cash faster. Accept online card payments, bank transfers, USSD payment, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

  • Stay on top of sales: Say goodbye to spreadsheets! Easily manage your books and access customer-related info, including outstanding balances, all in one place.

Subscription Management – coming soon!

Get a Grip on Your Subscriptions!

Streamlined Management

Effortlessly handle recurring payments and retain subscribers.

User-Friendly Platform

Take charge with easy subscription tracking and plan adjustments.

Customer Retention Revolution

Ensure customer loyalty with innovative subscription handling.