Moneta: Simplify your banking experience and manage all your bank accounts in one app.

Easily manage all of your banking accounts with the Moneta app! Combine your accounts from different banks in one simple system. Not only is our service free, but it's also safe. With Moneta, you are always in charge. Select the banks you prefer doing business with. Our account sign-up is simple, and our user-friendly system is even simpler. Find out how much easier it is to manage your money from one location.

What Moneta offers?

Consolidation of accounts

With Moneta, you will be able to see a detailed summary of all your financial accounts. Keeping all of your account transactions, deposits, transfers, and savings goals organised in one location, at a quick view.

Single Sign-in to your accounts

You no longer have to worry about constantly logging in and entering your login information for each individual bank. All you have to do is log in to Moneta once and you will be able to see your entire financial portfolio instantly.

Assume control

Assume control of your personal finances like never before with Moneta. It makes it simple to monitor transactions across all your various accounts and streamlines your budget management tasks.

Want More?

1. Bulk and recurring Payments

Moneta's bulk and recurring payment capabilities can improve your business's efficiency. It can also simplify the management of your payroll and payments to vendors, all within a single location. With Moneta, you can exercise dominance over your business transactions and simplify your financial endeavours.

2. Save and invest smartly.

With Moneta, you can gain access to high-interest savings accounts from various banks. You can also carry out fixed deposits ranging from 5% to 15%. Plan your route to financial independence in the way that works best for you, with both automatic and manual contribution options available. With Moneta, seize command over your financial future today and witness your savings flourish.

3. Loans

Easily access loans from various microfinance banks at your convenience.