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1Omni-Channel Payments

The ability of your customers to transact anytime, anywhere with speed and security could be the difference between you capturing and losing opportunities for your organization. This is illustrative of how consumer behaviour is radically shifting. As behaviours change, delivering a seamless path to purchase is critical to your success.

Today, it’s common to see a customer start their experience with you on one device and finish with another. A report found that omni-channel customer spends anywhere between 50% to 300% more than customers who use just a single channel. Implementing Omni-channel impacts your ROI-centric metrics.

2 Consolidated Reporting and Analysis

Easy reconciliation with business reporting available across all channels. Whether you run a small, medium or enterprise-level organization, our omni-channel payment platform brings consistency and clarity to your operations.

With Moneta, your organization does not have to worry about the multiple payment gateways or methods resulting in a lack of transparency in financial reporting. The reporting and analysis module allow you to detect trends in real time and respond immediately.

3 Advanced Payment Systems: Direct debits, Direct channel billing

Increasing your customer spend and generating greater revenue requires organizations to think outside the box. Critical to your business is your ability to offer your customers convenience and a seamless experience. This is made possible through many state-of-the-art payment technologies.

Implementing such technologies in your brick-and-mortar, online and mobile presence requires you to work with different vendors which breaks up your customer’s seamless experience. Moneta abstracts this complexity away from you, your business and your customers and delivers these tools in a user-friendly manner.

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