Business Tools

Easily manage all of your banking accounts with the Moneta app! Combine your accounts from different banks in one simple system. Not only is our service free, but it's also safe. With Moneta, you are always in charge. Select the banks you prefer doing business with. Our account sign-up is simple, and our user-friendly system is even simpler. Find out how much easier it is to manage your money from one location.



1. Consolidated analytics Dashboard

Moneta provides a consolidated analytics dashboard that enables you to monitor transaction volume and count across all your banking platforms. Get valuable insights into your customers’ transaction behaviours, such as how often they make a transaction and when they do it across all your banking platforms. Stay informed and stay in control with Moneta – know the numbers that drive your business forward!

2. KPI management Dashboard

Moneta's KPI management feature makes it easy for banks to get real-time insights into the performance of their account officers and marketers. Instead of waiting for periodic reviews, bankers can use Moneta’s dashboard to ensure their KPIs are being met. Moneta empowers banks to optimise performance and drive results by staying ahead of the game.

3. Expense Management and Disbursement

Moneta offers organisations a way to manage expenses and disbursements more efficiently. By centralising financial processes, you can exercise greater control over your expenditures.