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Omni-Channel Payments

Moneta provides a single Omni-channel payment processing system, that encompasses multiple gateways and devices. Our customers can easily and conveniently receive payments without the need to integrate with multiple service providers which can be time-consuming, complex for management and costly to service and maintain. This end-to-end platform facilitates payments via convenient payment channels that leverage existing innovative technologies to integrate billing, payment processing, settlements, analysis and reconciliation of transactions seamlessly.

Consolidated Reporting and Analysis

Moneta has a centralized feature that makes business reporting, payment, settlement and transaction reconciliation easy for organizations and merchants. The platform provides real-time data, thereby encouraging detection of trends, attribution of sales, transparent financial reporting and aiding informed decision making.

With Moneta, your organization does not have to worry about the multiple payment gateways or methods resulting in a lack of transparency in financial reporting. The reporting and analysis module allows you to detect trends in real-time and respond immediately.

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Advanced Payment Systems: Direct debits, Direct channel billing

Moneta opens up several payment channels for organizations to collect payments from their customers including ATM card, Bank Transfer, Cash deposits at the bank and USSD.

In addition, Moneta provides access to advance payment systems including Direct Debits, Direct Channel Billing, QR code payments, contactless payments, automatic payment splitting.

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